2021 Fall Semester International Students Application-Regular


(Latest update16:25 on 30th June, 2021)
The result has been released, please log in and check the result.


Please download: Instruction of Online Application System

The result will be released no later than 5 p.m. on 30th June.
Admitted students could download the Admission Letter and Enrollment Form from this application system.
The result from this website will be released later
because the Admission Letter and Enrollment Form should be uploaded first.
If you would like to check the result in advance,
please download the admission list from the link below:

To all admitted students,
Please fill in your willingness of enrolling as soon as possible.
If you are willing to enroll, please attach your enrollment form as well.
(Better before 16th July, but no later than 23rd July)

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  • 3.Required Documents(Please follow the instructions and upload correct documents)