2022 Spring Semester International Students Application


2022 Spring Semester International Students Application

Admission Result: https://aax.yuntech.edu.tw/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=879&Itemid=646

The admission letter and enrollment form now could be downloaded.
Please fill in your willingness to enroll.
Student who would like to enroll please also upload your filled enrollment form.

A. The application for 2022 Spring Semester International Students Application now is open to register, please fill in the application form and upload all the required documents and submit by 17:00 PM, Nov 5, 2021.
B. The departments open for applying, teaching languages, required documents and other related information please refer to the application guidebook: 
2022 Spring International Student Application Guidebook(Master/ Ph.D.)
C. Please remember to submit your application after completing it.
(Complete application should include: Application Form, Recommendation Letters and Required Documents)
D. Instruction of Online Application System
E. The result could be found in the system, and please also fill in if you would like to enroll or not.
(Student who would like to enroll, please also upload the enrollment form)


1. The related regulations, curriculum, and other related information could be found in the official department websites or you could also email the assistants in the departments directly.
2. Course Information System:

Contact information:
Ms. Sandy (Division of International Exchange and Corporation)
05-534-2601 ext.2393
E-mail: hsinyier@gemail.yuntech.edu.tw

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  • 1. Application Form
  • 2. Recommendation Letters*2
  • 3. Required Documents(Please follow the instructions and upload correct documents)