2022 Fall Semester Inbound Exchange Students Application


2022 Fall Semester Inbound Exchange Students Application

A. The application for 2022 Fall Semester Inbound Exchange Students Application now is open to register, please fill in the application form and upload all the required documents and submit by 17:00 PM, May 13th, 2022.
B. The departments open for applying, teaching languages, required documents and other related information please refer to the factsheet.
C. Please remember to submit your application after completing it.
(Complete application should include: Application Form and Required Documents)
D. Application system guidebook
E. The result will be sent to the coordinator of your home univ.

###Our 2022 Fall Exchange Program is mainly in Physical Teaching.###


1. The related regulations, curriculum, and other related information could be found in the official department websites or you could also email the assistants in the departments directly.
2. Course Information System
3. Please make sure that your email address is correct and able to normally receive emails.
Applicants that are unable to reply to notification and enquiries from YunTech before deadline will be regarded as giving up their application.

Contact information:
Ms. Sandy (Division of International Exchange and Corporation)
05-534-2601 ext.2393
E-mail: hsinyier@gemail.yuntech.edu.tw